Building Plans Recommended

DBM Building recommends that you have your design drawn up by one of our qualified Designer Draftsman, as there are many stages that need to be taken into account when building whether it be Renovations or a New home.

We have seen many happy Clients after working with a Designer Draftsman having achieved results far superior than what they initially started out to achieve.

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Final Floor Plans are required to clearly identify the following:

  • stages of renovation and addition
  • additions and how they link to existing spaces
  • adjustments to windows and doors
  • areas marked for alternative function, renovation or demolition
  • wet areas (bathrooms, toilets, landry) to allow flexible renovation order
  • furniture layout, and room dividers that include storage and cupboards
  • Design of Structural support and construction systems 
  • Final Choice and specification of materials
  • adjustments to room sizes and dimensions to suit standard material sizes where possible
  • choice of construction systems and material with known low waste rates
  • design of services such as lighting layout, smart metering and switching, water sytems and drainage including recycling or reuse
  • detailing of fixtures and fittings including cupboards and joinery
  • window and glazing schedule including size, location, style and glass type
  • detailing of shading and ventilation enhancements
  • specification of insulation type, rating and installation details

Once the detailed plans and specifications are completed, and you have chosen a local Builder in Mandurah, they are then submitted to Council for Planning approval (normally by your Builder).

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